I want to stare upon the stars all night, rub my toes in the sand, listen to the waves roll in and think about everything that has happened to us this year.

I want to think about what’s happening to those stars that are staring into my soul wherever they are, a million miles away.

I want to talk about who we think we are and who we are aspiring to be.

I want to think about the love and happiness I’ve felt and then the pain and suffering in between.

I want to talk about the memories we want to create and reminisce on the ones we’ve already made.

I want to lose myself once again, only to find myself soon right afterwards.

I want to talk about the fears that keep you up at night and then the dreams that follow when you eventually sleep.

I want to share the old music that made us and then discover the new music that will shape us.

I want to form a relationship so deep, I can never get out of it.

But it’s been a long year and I am tired and I’m sure you are too. This can wait. I’d like to sleep.