About Me

About Me

So much can change in four months. I was in Japan studying the culture there and then once I got back my partner at the time, Bronte was moving to Tasmania and we would of been living together as I write this. That would of been a life worth living, however, it seems like I had other ideas. Now my trajectory for 2023 and beyond couldn't be more different. I am off to study Writing and Philosophy in Amsterdam. Off to start a life away from everyone I know. You could argue I'm running away. I wouldn't necessarily disagree, I have always enjoyed running. However, that's not it. I do hold a lot of guilt for what I did, but it has allowed me to ask myself the question of "What do I actually care about if I'm willing to betray the person I loved most?". Once I find the answer, I'll let you know.

What I'm Working On

  1. Currently re-working out who I am and what I value.
  2. Getting my ass to Amsterdam and pursuing a life in the Arts

Message me :)

  1. 📸 Instagram - If you've got a short question or message, please message me through Instagram. @tomdickinson and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
  2. 📨 Email - If it's a longer thing, or you want it to be a bit more formal, please email me (tome-taz@hotmail.com). I read and reply to 100% of emails.