Photo by Tommaso Pecchioli / Unsplash

Last night I truly understood the significance and beauty that is a drumstick (ice cream). This prejudiced belief I’ve had towards drumsticks, that I’ve had since childhood, has prevented me from experiencing something so great that I have to voice it to the public. I am truly moved ladies and gentlemen. This is a momentous discovery and I have to apologize for each and every drumstick I have turned down in the past, for I have sinned! Praise me god! With my brothers and sisters who have sinned with me, I have to share this moment with you, for this will be one for the ages. From the first interaction, we learn very little about the beast, except that it is cloaked in a somewhat protective layer. For this is our first moment of wariness on our long long journey… shall we wake the beast and risk our skins or shall we leave the beast in its slumber. We pushed forward! Our human curiosity and roaring stomach could wait no longer. At first glance in the beast's new form, we learn it is in fact no beast at all, rather it is a feast! Euphoria increases all whilst we notice the drumstick is separated in 6 pieces! This is the first real sign of beauty among the journey and we begin to feel that this may not be the last either my lads.

Chomp, chomp. A sense of distrust as I worry this may be a figment rather than reality. I am not a religious man but you can believe me when I say I prayed in this moment. As a plan B, it was decided that the drumstick must be finished at once before the dream ends. At the speed of a guillotine killing a man, the drumstick head was gone.

Another monumental discovery! The ice cream extends into the neck on the drumstick. Regardless of how far, this is where the money is made. Without a pause, we push deeper into the neck and get to work. At last! the drumstick has been conquered and a new opinion has been formed. A moment of greatness, only to be followed by a moment of darkness. Should I eat the whole box and not let anyone get one? No, for I have to share this experience with others? How else will they know how great this is? Oh, wait I have an idea…💡

Drumsticks are pretty good, 6/10