Rusted Love

Rusted Love
Photo by Mia Harvey / Unsplash

As hard as I seriously do try, I can’t read your mind. I can’t know what you’re thinking when I send you that message. Somehow I always assume the worst with you, I assume you don’t want to be talking to me right now and you have so much you’d rather be doing. I don’t know if you smile or sigh when you see my name pop up. I really don’t know anything about you, do I?

Somehow, in spite of all I’ve just said, when we kiss every doubt in my mind will disappear and I feel one with you.

I’ve written this little poem that I’d like you to hear.

A kiss
Your lips
My hands
Your hips
Our lips raw with lust
I give you everything I have
Our love left to rust
You offer me what was left of you
We’re still so young
What has this become
The feel of your tongue
Makes me succumb
Our bodies spilled together
Immediate and forever
But still after all this
I don’t know you any better