Thank u

Thank u
Photo by Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

I don’t edit what I write (that’s probably very obvious), I think that’s dishonest to my thoughts. I write to express my thoughts, not necessarily to write well. I hope I learn how to write well in the process but that’s not exactly the goal.

I’ve never been good at telling stories or articulating myself. I always talk too quick, trip over my words, and end up falling flat on my face. I end up getting where I need to go but it’s definitely not beautiful and there are a few mini-stories along the way because I thought of something funny, and then I often laugh at that and interrupt the original story even further.

Speaking of, that little tangent there was exactly that ahahaha. Anyway, I bring all this up because I realise I never thank anyone for reading my things. I appreciate every each and one of you for taking the time to read these things, it may be out of love to support me, out of spite because you want to keep tabs on me or just because you’re bored as fuck. Either way, thank you.

Although this isn’t a thank you post, it’s a post to say why I don’t say thank you and that’s because I don’t feel like I’m speaking to anyone when I write these? They truly are my thoughts on paper (online for this matter) and saying thank you just sounds weird because I’d never say thank you to myself after thinking something?